Oh What A Beautiful Morning(s)!

The Confession…

On Friday night we had, well, let’s call it a ‘late one’. There was a time in my life when that would have made no dent in my Saturday. However, sadly, that time is gone. It is buried alongside my size 10 jeans, my ability to sleep anywhere at anytime and the wrinkle-free skin under my eyes.

This Saturday I was propped up by the holy trinity of McGhee’s rolls, Diet Coke and ibuprofen. And before I (my husband) managed to cobble this mix of culinary beauty together I spent a long time browsing/ lusting after some of the treats on How’s Your Hang? And, at around 8pm, I managed to haul my sorry ass into Glasgow where I dined in a a generic Italian restaurant by ordering a giant main course, ALL of the sides and a significant proportion of the starters.

I’d been looking forward to going out and watching the big Glasgow football match on Saturday afternoon aaaaaaaaaaall week. In fact, I’d been building up to it for about a month. But no, my poor (yet incredibly fun) Friday night choices meant that I was all about the jammies and watching the game from the comfort and safety of my couch fort.

I’m not going to delve too much further into the realms of my physical and existential hangover because, overall, I’ve had a pretty decent week and I did some STUFF.

Since going back to work after my summer holiday I’ve struggled a bit to squeeze in exercise after work. So last Sunday I made the bold decision to get up early and get moving BEFORE work.

No, I’m not a morning person.

Here’s how I fared:


With a burst of first day enthusiasm/ determination to prove to my husband that I wasn’t going to fail on day one, I clambered out of bed at 6.14 am. I put on my running shoes and running gear in the dark with my eyes still closed as, in my opinion, that still counts as sleep. I had intended to hit out with a gazelle-like 5km on a route I used to run a lot last autumn: from Clyde Street up Buchanan Street, along Bath Street and then down High Street to Glasgow Green. I love this route because it’s so busy during the day but so lovely and empty in the mornings. You see window cleaners and shop stock arriving and coffee shops opening up. It also finishes on a great downhill stretch which makes you feel like a champion. It quickly became apparent that my body was not up for any of that positive, athletic goddess visualisation or that distance. I modified it and cut a chunk off. I ended up completing a slow, underwhelming, 3.7km.

The Takeaway: 

  • I need to build up running slowly. I am not Paula Radcliffe. Repeat. I am not Paula Radcliffe.
  • I need a new playlist. Distraction is everything.
  • I felt great and full of energy for the rest of the day.
  • It’s lovely being up and around the city before anyone else is around.  


Armed with a new playlist, I headed out on a slightly longer version of the same route. It was a minuscule bit less agonising. I managed 4.7km.

The Takeaway: 

  • Finding a spot on Carlton Suspension Bridge to stretch after my run and watch the sunrise was like a mini meditation session.
  • Running even a wee bit further made me feel like I could make progress. 
  • Music is awesome!  


To quote philosopher and icon Shakira “my hips don’t lie”. Monday and Tuesday’s attempts made my long-standing tight hip and hamstrings pretty achy. And everybody needs a rest day, right? I got up at 6 am and completed a morning yoga class from the comfort of my own living room using One O Eight. I signed up for their free trial to check it out.

The Takeaway: 

  • I felt relaxed and chilled at work.
  • My hip felt waaaaaay better.
  • Free yoga! It’s free! And there’s more on Youtube. My favourite is the wonderful Adrienne. It’s free!
  • You can basically exercise in your pants – less laundry, no uncomfortable clothes mishaps in downward dog.

Thursday and Friday

Erm… Well… It was my first week? I played tennis after work on Thursday so I generously let myself off the hook for Thursday morning’s alarm call and Friday was just damn laziness.


See the confession above. Shame.


I redeemed myself! I went for a lovely walk with my lovely husband at Chatelherault Country Park. There’s rivers, woodland, great views, a place you can buy coffee… And we did all of that before 10 am leaving the rest of Sunday for Regular Sunday Chores.

The Takeaway:

  • It feels great being outside. It really boosted my mood and energy.
  • It felt very productive doing things before work/ before I’d normally get up.
  • Sometimes you fuck up but you can get back on it the next day. 






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