No Such Thing As Dreich Weather…


After years of general debauchery (including a period of around two years where I essentially only ever ‘cooked by phone’) I embarked upon a vague attempt to get off my couch, get a smidgen more active and maybe, at a stretch, get fit. And, over the years, I started to learn some stuff. I learned that being stuck in a gym bored me, often literally, to tears. I learned that moving a bit makes me feel quite good. If I’m being really honest, I learned that I was my own worst enemy. I was an absolute master of making excuses and finding distractions to avoid actually getting off my ass and doing something other than bingeing on box sets. Laundry was never more appealing and never more urgent than when faced with an imminent bout of exercise.

As someone who lives in Scotland, one of the biggest excuses to dodge a run is the bloody weather. There’s a reason making small talk about the weather is a giant cliche. Torrential rain, horizontal sleet, inland tsunamis… In one of my exercise-avoidance-I-must-urgently-Google-important-things-extravaganzas I came across one of those Insta-inspirational quotes that I typically sneer at. It read: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

Something about reading it made me stop and think. It shifted something in my brain. I live in Scotland. I’m never going to have guaranteed sun or blue skies or even dry days. I just need to accept that. It’s ridiculous that a bit of weather would keep me prisoner in my flat. MY SKIN IS WATERPROOF! So I started going outside. And I liked it. Loved it.

I am still no exercise lover. I’m no fitness guru. I’m clumsy. I’m horrible at sports. I still like to cook by phone. I still binge on box sets. But this blog is an attempt to share things you can do in and around Scotland, easy ways to get out the house, to walk, to breathe fresh air and to appreciate where we live even if it’s raining like a cow pissing.

There’s no such thing as dreich weather…

adjective, SCOTTISH
(especially of weather) dreary; bleak.


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